Matías Guzmán Naranjo


I am a morpologist, typologist and corpus linguist. I got my PhD in linguistics in Leipzig and I am currently working as a computational typologist at the University of Tübingen. My dissertation was on formalizing analogy in an HPSG/CxG framework, while providing a solid computational implementation for it. In addition to quantitative morphology, I also work on HPSG and computational typology. You can find my CV here. You can write me at: mguzmann89 [at] g m a i l (.) c o m

Present projects

I will head the Emmy Noether project "Bayesian modeling of spatial typology" at the University of Freiburg startin 01.12.2022. I am currently working in the CrossLingference . The main aim of this project is to explore spatial models applied to linguistic data. My research interests include: quantitative morphology, analogy and computational typology.



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